Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 10)

May 10th, 11th, 12th

Jeff: “When do you think the last time they were open was?”

Tyson: “Well, let’s just say, I was pizza delivery boy with an El Camino and the internet was still 20 years in the making.”

Jeff: “Doom.”

Hello again, friends!

For the past few days we’ve been staying in the district of Iskut, in the Iskut Motor Inn, an old fixer-upper which is made up of converted trailers with single rooms and a communal kitchen with a common room in a diner where we’ve been slowly developing cabin fever, struggling to stay connected with everyone via the dwindling wifi floating through the air, enjoying some quiet time and taking in the mountainside view. And since none of us here have any cell-reception, nor any access to twitter or means to text message or be lazy, we’ve been really getting to know each other and dusting off those old conversational skills we’ve almost forgotten. On an awesome not, there’s definitely been some amazing creations in the diner kitchen that we’ve had full access to… if only we had known ahead of time that there would be a fully functional deep-fryer …”sigh”…

We performed a few acoustic sets at the Klappan Independant Day school here in Iskut, where a few of the students came down to enjoy the Jobfest programs, the free swag and even help us clap and sing along to a couple of our songs. It took some persuasion, but the kids were amazing singers and it was a great day full of spontaneity and songwriting between our sets. We even did an impromptu cover of the “Jobfest 2012” theme song that plays invariably throughout the day on the flatscreen monitors in the key of “power ballad,” which we think the crew enjoyed. It’s a really catchy annoying song that never ends, but it has a certain charm. It really speaks to the camaraderie, and patience, of our traveling family.

We have another couple days here at the Iskut Motor Inn, so we will definitely spend the time jamming on various instruments, making short trips up to Dease Lake for “provisions” or “Gift Shop Runs,” and relaxing on the front porch with our new K-9 friend from across the way, Bob the wolf. There will also be Magic:The Gathering tournaments/training held by Dan and our friend Becky in room 16, after hours, if anyone’s interested.

Talk to you soon, friends! It’s some beautiful country up here!

– jeff, and those other dawgs in Acres