Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 7)

May 3rd, 4th and 5th

“I love being on the toilet, man. That’s where I wish everyone on Facebook Happy Birthday.”

– Dan Ball

Welcome to Terrace, British Columbia!

What a beautiful drive! It took us a whole 45 minutes to get to Terrace from Kitimat, so we thought we would take advantage of our free time and spend the day kicking out some jams and tightening up the screws. The local music store, “Sight and Sound,” was able to hook us up with a room above their store, which, in its day to day life, is a local “School of Rock” for kids who want to take music lessons and practice their “rock skills” with some drums and amps. Apparently, we were the loudest thing to have ever entered the room. It’s good to see we haven’t lost our touch!

Activating the Jobfest site the next day in George Little Park, despite the great location downtown, was a constant fight with the weather; the hail, the gale-force winds, the rain soaking our equipment, and the entire Jobfest crew to the bone. But we persevered, and in the inspiring words of our canny tour manager Daisy (Dukes), “We are strong! There’s nothing more sandbags can’t fix!” When the sun finally came out, there was a deafening rejoice, and we had an awesome crowd throughout the day. The group of kids from Mountlake High School volunteering their services did an incredible job, not to mention their enthusiasm in helping us to sell our merch and spread the word of Acres of Lions! We really appreciate the help guys!

The rest of our stay in Terrace found us winded on hiking trails, dining supreme at Don Diego’s, getting damn good haircuts in our hotel rooms from our friend Monica, and at “Spirit Nightclub” right below our hotel, where you can bet we danced our asses off until our shoes hurt. Oh, the competition!

Tomorrow, we are headed to Gitlakdamix (New Aiyansh), the capital of the Nisga’a nation, where, once again, we are looking forward to the most beautiful parts of our province.

See you soon, pals!

– Jeff, and my BFFs in Acres