Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 6)

May 1st and 2nd
Well hello there, boys and girls of the internet!

We are back on the mainland, and after a quick stop for snacks and good clean(?) fun at Johnny B’s in Prince Rupert, we find ourselves in Kitimat, British Columbia, the next stop for Jobfest 2012!

And yes, upon arrival, we DID find a traveling carnival in progress on their last night in town, just in case you were wondering:

Luckily, the carnival had coupons at the local mall which made it possible for us to afford multiple rides on the Gravitron, the Orbiter, the Ferris Wheel, and a monster that I am now calling, “The Happy Centrifuge.” The goal in mind was to vomit as much as we could, and try hard we did, but it seems all of us handled the rides with astronaut-like courage and ability, freeing us up to stuff ourselves with mini-donuts. Aaron, our Jobfest MC even won “the loonie toss game,” the game where you toss loonies or into jars from a distance (can’t make that up) and beat the carnival worker, thus winning the grand-prize, which is a full size, guitar-shaped, portable CD player/iPod dock painted like the American flag. Of all things to exist and be available to win at a carnival, I am glad it was that.

Wednesday was also an amazing day and night at Jobfest, where we moved the festival grounds indoors, due to the unsavory weather conditions, and performed 3 separate acoustic sets for our new local friends in Kitimat. It was a very welcome change to our usual routine, and we had an absolute blast playing some impromptu cover-songs, drinking all the free coffee and Sun-Rype in all the world and figuring out, according to the Career-Trek program, if you have absolutely no skills and/or interest in anything ever, you can still be an actor. Amazing.

Following an amazingly delicious after-hours meal provided by “Rosario’s”, a great restaurant in Kitimat that stayed open so all 16 of us famished individuals could dine, it’s off to Terrace we go! Talk to you very soon, friends!

– Jeff, and those other gems in Acres