Jobfest 2012 Blog (Entry 5)

April 29

“Haaaaaaaida Gwaaaaaii!” (Yelled in falsetto sing-song to replace the original saying, which is “Howdy Ho!”, or something)

– The first thing our stage-hand/MC, Aaron, says when he gets off the ferry, kissing the ground

Our adventure in Haida Gwaii continues!

We had the whole day off today so we decided to get up at the crack of dawn (10:00 am) and take a trip up the coast to Masset, making a million stops along the way, to walk through the dense woods of the Golden Spruce Trail, climb the winding trails and fog-covered cliffs of Tow Hill and walk along the miles and miles of beach at low tide around the Hecate Strait. We even drank the water from St. Mary’s Spring, a local legend that warns, if you drink from the spring, you will absolutely return to Haida Gwaii one day. Sounds downright sappy and picturesque, doesn’t it?

Well, it was, and much more! And as a band, I don’t think we have ever exercised this much since we’ve been together, and if you had seen us, you would agree that it was both sad and hilarious. We experienced 8 hours of intense scenic beauty and bliss, enhanced by the massive amount of endorphins rushing to our brains by hiking up mountain-sides and trails all day long. We also highly recommend “The Trout House” in Port Clemens, for Sunday brunch. Smoked salmon bennies made with love. Delicious.

To better illustrate our trip, here’s a link to some of the photos we took on our HAIDA GWAII ADVENTURE so far, and do expect some videos in the near future. We have hours of footage to work through! Enjoy, friends!

– Jeff K, and the naughty boys in Acres