Acres Of Lions 2012 Tour Journal, Entry 3

Friday, March 9, 1:00pm

Today we visit our old pals Tamara Stanners and James Sutton at 100.5 The Peak for a little chat, discussing subjects such as our upcoming Canadian tours, our short stint in the UK at the end of the month, motherly love according to Tamara, alcohol: pros and cons, should James grow and maintain a mustache, the 2012 Peak Performance Project and it’s importance to groups and artists based in British Columbia.

There were no obscenities uttered on the air this time around, or references to female genitalia or inane and controversial sexual acts, it was truly a blessing, but since our performance tonight was taking place at the CBC studio, we were excited and its announcement kind of slipped out of our mouths. There was a tense moment, a kind of mental “slap-on-the-wrist” delivered by Tamara. But since she makes up for all the lack of the positivity in all the rest of the world, we were quickly forgiven, and given a quick lesson in pig Latin, or, ‘how to disguise something you want to say but can’t really say it.” She’s such a champion.

Personally, I was sad not to see Carly Walde, the foosball ninja, in the building today, as I had a previous engagement, more like an open challenge, to absolutely CRUSH her at her own game, and finish our open-ended foosball war. Our new friend Ryan Rose also joined our fun little session in the studio, and we even did a quick little photo shoot with him in the lobby of The Peak building, Handsome Anthony and Kiana obviously stealing the titles of “prom king and queen.” Damn, they are photogenic.

3:30 pm

We arrive at the CBC building, to our “Toque Session,” on time for once. We park in the massive underground structure and load in quickly to the basement studio, past green screens and props, where the sound system, chairs and lights have already been set up for tonight’s performance and recording session. We even get dollies to help us out, something I have always dreamed of bringing on tour. “One day!” I shout with enthusiasm as Dan and I use them as giant skateboards (shhhh… don’t tell). The CBC logo above and behind the stage is fantastic, a work of art, and it hits me that we are actually performing here tonight, unbelievable, for 75+ people, CBC radio fans and music junkies alike, just like we’ve been since we were kids.

The sound-check goes well, after we turn our amps down from 11 to 3, of course, and Kiana and her voice and fiddle are a dream to have with us on stage. I realize that I have forgotten a change of clothes so I am forced to wear a rather “agressive” v-neck during the performance, in which I am quite sure I grossed at least a few audience members with my unruly chest hair and ability to supply sweat to all those who can’t. Apologies in full. I’d say it won’t happen again, but it will.


It was a ridiculously fun show, and we even managed to get people up and dancing for a few songs, putting forth as much energy, and as many sing-along and clap-sequence moments as possible. Our acoustic number, “This was not my best day ever,” a reference to the sci-fi series ‘Firefly,’ and the underlying love story that comes with it, was understood and a few fans even came up to me after the show, expressing their mutual love for the show and shared frustration with it ending way too early. Nerds unite!

This was a different show for us, kind of a “little kid’s birthday party” vibe, which was fun to experience and actually make an attempt at some witty banter. Whether it was witty or not is still in debate, but there was definitely banter. It was probably the quietest we have ever played for a crowd other than various acoustic sets we have done in the past, which, in retrospect, probably would have been the way to go, or a variation of, something a little less ‘Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich review rock and roll’ and a little more “Hey, I can actually hear the vocals over the music and be comfortable in my seat!” My agressive v-neck and sweat glands working over-time, Dan’s “hot bass” and tour-cough in full effect, Tyson’s unnecessarily giant amp everywhere we go permeating the natural acoustics of the room, Cody’s solid drumming and “I just got out of bed/Blue Steel looks” charming the hell out of everything in sight of him, Kiana’s angelic fiddle and ability to waltz perfectly during anything warming the hearts of the audience. We made it work, and it all still seems pretty surreal.

A seriously HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to our “Toque Session” and participated in our on-stage antics, and also, to everyone at the CBC for supporting us and allowing us to be part of such a wonderful thing. It was a real dream come true.

Also, check out some more beautiful photos taken by our friend Christine Mcavoy on Vancouver Is Awesome, and a quick review of the session by our friend Kirk Hamilton at 3am Revelations.

Thanks again.