Acres Tour Journal, Entry 3

Saturday, November 5th, 10:00 am, Edmonton

We wake up to shame and regret, surrounded by McDonald’s containers, a common late-night after-show mistake. I try to recall from the haze if I had splurged and eaten anything poisonous and am relieved to find that I am in the clear. Lewis, however, groans all morning, clutching his stomach, and randomly belches out questions like “Why?” and “how come my shirt doesn’t fit?”. I also remember sharing whiskey with Dan and Andrew from TSE and having lusty conversations with the boys in “The Red Threat.” Seriously, the show last night was amazing. Our show with Ten Second Epic in Lloydminster tonight has been cancelled due to venue complications so we have an all-day LAN-party sending emails, playing the original Diablo (yes, even on and getting down to “business.” We start to form our happy little tour family that only exists when we’re on the road, Husband (Tyson), Wife(Dan) and their rebelling Ke$ha/R.Kelly loving daughters (Lewis and I) We are dysfunctional, but happy. In the late afternoon, due to the beautiful, and cold, weather and the set-up of Janet’s old apartment stoop, I sit outside for awhile and play some songs for Janet’s neighbours, including a rough cover of Attack in Black.

7:00 pm

After about an hour of the indecisiveness that is our band, we decide to head over to Whyte Ave to meet up with the TSE boys for some cheap Pabst and an Oiler’s game at Filthy McNasty’s, “Plan B,” we call it. Now, I am not the biggest hockey fan in Canada, which seems blasphemous and wrong, but I can certainly tell when a town LOVES THEIR TEAM. Every moment of the game was tense and full of cursing and a whole lot of “Fire it up boys!” The very mention of the word “Canuck” in the bar set my teeth on edge. Our new friend Brandy invites us to a party at her place featuring some new pals from Sonic 102.9, a half-pound Reese’ peanut butter cup for Lewis “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” Carter to eat, and also, gummy bear vodka shooters. For some reason, I decide to stay behind like the diva that I am and hang out with Dan from TSE at his house and watch hours of great youtube content, a favourite past-time, for sure. The boys text me late in the night, informing me the best they can, that they won’t be returning until the morning because they are indisposed. I text them the address so they may have a safe return in the morning. Dan texts me back “C2ol c utomoorrow man. Goonihg!t.” Goonihg!t, indeed.