Acres Tour Journal, Entry 4

Sunday, November 6th, 9:00 am, Edmonton

No show tonight. I wake up and call my mother, to check in, as she has taken ill recently. At the end of the conversation she tells me to “F**kin giv’er, dude!” And my adulthood starts to make more sense. I listen to Skrillex all morning while I work and desperately try to get it. I watch the video for “Equinox” and am slightly creeped out and I say to myself “Oooh, right” as I recall the early 2000 Goth-punk Screamo adventure that was “From First To Last.” TSE Dan and I go get breakfast at a local diner called “Friends and Family” and we return to find the boys have made it back in one piece. Dan (Ball) enlightens us with his explorations in perversion by showing us the wonder that is “” a website dedicated to humiliating people during their sexual endeavours, and “chatroullette” a social chat-room that seems to be more about displaying male genitalia than finding a friend via web-cam. I recommend not going to either of these if you are squeamish, plan to be sad or are easily-offended, but I will say that in the least, you will be entertained.

7:00 pm, Calgary

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I just want you to tell you that, as far as my experience in food goes, I love tacos above all else. Yes, you will see me smother myself in really big sandwiches and consume Chinese food that has been left in the van for a whole day, but when it comes to tacos, especially fresh, home-made, authentic soft tacos of all kinds, I don’t mess around. Yes, I am a husky guy, and I know it, but it doesn’t ever stop me from something I know is paradise wrapped in a warm, corn tortilla. Our good friends from Calgary, Kelly and Jaime, who I have mentioned before, part-owners and operators of the fine new restaurant and bar “Ox and Angela” invite us to stop in and have a drink. A drink turns into all of us having one of the many specialty cocktails they had to offer, ours, “The Ox” which is a collaboration of white grape juice, Bacardi 8-year and bitters-soaked sugar cubes. We also got the chance to sample a round of their tacos, a trio of oxtail, seared ling-cod, and ground chicken with pickled onions, queso fresco and tomatillo salsa, and their home-made taquitos and chorizo dip. Sadly, during our delirium, we forget to snap pictures before it is all devoured. I’ve become a firm believer that at times, a tour can be a mixture of work and play, as long as you work hard and you’ve got your priorities and heads on straight. Yes, shows get cancelled and it can be hard to fill in dates at the last minute, or jump on shows, but you shouldn’t let it depress you too much, considering you still have a whole month of filth, debauchery and open road ahead of you. Kelly and Jaime spoil us, they really do. Do check it out. The reviews, the menus and the pictures. It should be enough to make your mouth water: